Roast Black Tea with Soy Milk(HOT)

|Roast Black Tea with Soy Milk(HOT)|

Roasted black tea with 100% Taiwan pure soy milk, the two flavors are mixed to create a smooth but dense taste!

Roasted Black Tea: We roast the tea leaves at high temperatures to bring out the Assam caramel flavor. This kind of tea leaves is especially suitable for adding fresh milk to make fresh milk tea, which can make people taste the tea flavor and milk flavor easily.

100% Taiwan Soymilk: Made from pure Taiwan raw materials, with a pure and rich soybean flavor from the domestic non-base change.


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1. Roast black tea leaves 5g (2 tea bags)

2. hot water 250cc

3. soy milk 150cc


Step1:Steep the tea leaves/tea bags in hot water for 2 minutes.

Step2:Heat up the soy milk.

PS: The reason for heating the soy milk is that the density of water varies depending on the temperature, and the same temperature makes it easier to mix the black tea and soy milk together.

Step3:The roast black tea with soy milk is finished.


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