Emerald Passion Fruit Black Tea

│Emerald Passion Fruit Black Tea│



1.5g of Emerald Black Tea leaves

2.250cc of hot water (95-100 degrees)

3.250-300g of ice cubes

4.40g of fructose or honey

5.1 passion fruit


step1.Pour hot water into the tea leaves and let it steep for 5 minutes (the tea soup will be darker in color).

step2.Add ice cubes to chill (after ice cubes get melted, the total of tea soup will be about 500cc, and the color of tea soup will be brighter).

step3.Put ice cubes in the juicer, add honey or fructose, pour in iced tea, and stir the juicer for 2-3 times.

step4.Add one passion fruit pulp (add the right amount according to your taste), mix by hand without stirring the juicer.

step5.Pour into a cup, the delicious emerald passion fruit black tea is finished. (You can also add sparkling water according to your personal preference, which makes it more refreshing to drink.)


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