Jade Ice Black Tea Latte

│Jade Ice Black Tea Latte│

Jade Black Tea(TTES#18): Made by hybrided Taiwan native tea with Myanmar big-leaf black tea, with bright red color and natural cinnamon and mint aroma.


1. 5g of Jade black tea leaves

2. 250cc of hot water (95-100 degrees)

3. 250-300g of ice cubes

4. Fructose or honey 40g

5.125-150cc of milk


Step1: Pour hot water into the tea leaves and let it steep for 5 minutes (the tea soup will be darker in color).

Step2: Add ice cubes to chill (after ice cubes get melted, the total of tea soup will be about 500cc, and the color of tea soup will be brighter).

Step3: Pour iced tea and fructose/honey into the juicer. 

Step4: Froth the milk (it's okay if you don't).

Step5: Pour the milk into the iced tea soup, and the red jade iced black tea latte is finished.


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