How to Brew Black Tea

How to Brew Black Tea


Preparation: tea leaves, teapot, hot water

●Ratio of Tea Leaves to Hot Water: 1g: 33cc (This is for personal pots, please note that the ratio of tea leaves to hot water varies depending on the type of pot.)


Step 1: Boil the water

Water suitable for brewing black tea is odorless and contains a lot of oxygen, so that the tea leaves can roll around in the pot.

Step2 : Put the tea leaves into the tea pot

Generally, a personal pot can hold about 2 to 2.5 cups of tea, which is about 200 c.c. With this amount of water, you will need 6g of tea leaves. 

Step3 : Temperature of water

The high temperature of 95~100 degrees Celsius and the impact of the hot water during brewing can make the black tea leaves dance and spread evenly in the teapot.

Step4 : Steeping Tea Leaves

The length of time for steeping will affect the flavor of black tea, 40 seconds for the first steeping is the basic time.But it still depends on the tea taster's requirement of strength.

Step5 : Re-steep tea leaves

The second to third steeping time is about 20 seconds, and the fourth steeping time is 30 seconds, which can be adjusted according to your tea drinking habit. Adjust the steeping time and number of times according to your preference.


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