Half Day TEA PAIRING(at least 10 or more people)

Visiting the long-established eco-tea gardens and old tea factory, we will brew 4 different kinds of Sun Moon Lake black tea with the best morning/afternoon tea dessert set, and spend an elegant and leisure time with the tea!
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Experience Fee:NT.499 per person

Event Time:Approx. 2 hours

Activity Flow:

|Tea Plantation→Black Tea History→Black Tea Production→Evaluation of Tea Brewing→Tasting 4 Sun Moon Lake Black Teas & Time for Refreshment│

Perhaps you've never wondered where the black tea in this porcelain comes from.
Maybe you don't know, in fact, there is a tea mountain in Taiwan, planting high-quality black tea trees for more than a century.
Over time, there has been a development of black tea culture and community culture.


Here, you can explore the history of a tea factory that has been in existence for nearly 100 years, and learn about how the God of Xuan Tian, who has been guarding the local residents for nearly 100 years, punishes the wicked and eliminates the evil.
Finally, you can stroll all the way to the eco-tea plantation, which has been planted for more than a century, and listen to the informative explanations of the tour instructor, which will make this journey play the starting music.

~Look at the blue sky and take a picture of the tea plantation.

♦Sun Moon Lake Tea Guide

Listen to the story of the history of the centuries-old black tea and the stories of the tea factories that have been flavored for thousands of miles.

Tea was planted by the Japanese in the past, and the descendants have worked hard to pass it on to the future generations.

♦Evaluation of Tea Brewing and Tea Tasting (Identification of Cup Sets for Evaluation of Four Random Hot Teas)

Through the guidance of the tour guide, the varieties of black tea, aroma and flavor will be introduced, and then 4 different varieties of black tea will be tasted by using the standard evaluation method of using an authentication cup.

By using the eye, nose and mouth senses to evaluate the different tea varieties, the black tea can be presented in a more delicate way.

(Photos for reference, dim sum platters are subject to seasonal variations, actual products are based on on-site offerings.)

In addition to the professional tea, we will include four kinds of dim sum platters and our signature "Emerald Lemon Tea".

This allows for a deeper connection between the tea and the dim sum, which not only enriches the taste of the tea, but also adds to the relaxed atmosphere of the review.



1.For tours with more than 10 people, please make a reservation 7 days in advance!

2.3 days prior to the event date, 1/2 of the event amount will be charged for postponements or cancellations, and no refunds will be given for postponements or cancellations made the day before/on the day of the event!

(If there is a natural disaster and a land warning is issued, and the government announces that classes will be suspended [in Nantou County or in the county or city where you are traveling from], the refund can be canceled or postponed.) See DIY Cancellation Criteria please refer to the shopping information.

3.Children under 6 years old are recommended to participate with their parents.

4.Since we will be walking around the tea plantation (not picking tea), we remind you to wear long pants (not exposing your ankles) and take anti-mosquito precautions.

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