Aroma Lab( Minimum 5, maximum 40)

Mix and match tea broths freely to create your own personalized tea!
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Experience Fee:NT.450/capita

Event Time:Approx. 1-1.5 hours

Activity Flow:

|History of Black Tea→Black Tea Process→The Senses of Tea→Tasting and Experimentation of Blending Tea Soup & Dim Sum→Packaging│

♦Sun Moon Lake Tea Guide

Listen to the story of the history of the centuries-old black tea and the stories of the tea factories that have been flavored for thousands of miles.

The Japanese people grew tea in the past, and their descendants have worked hard to pass it on.

♦Sensory Tea

Through the eyes, nose, and mouth, you can recognize the taste of the three types of teas: "Celluloid Black Tea", "Red Jade Black Tea", and "Red Rhythm Black Tea". Feel the aroma of the tea coming out of the aroma machine, the clear red color with a golden circle of light coming out of the cup, the smoothness of the tea in the mouth, and the sweetness of the tea that melts slowly in the throat.


♦Mix and match tea broths to create your own aroma.

After you have tried the original flavor of black tea, you can start the second round by mixing three types of tea broths in a measuring cup to create your own black tea, and then record the ratio you like the most.


♦Blending Preferred Aroma Tea Leaves

Blend the dried tea according to the recorded optimal ratio and bring home your own unique flavor in a glass jar!





1.5 persons (in the same group), up to 40 persons, please book 7 days in advance!

2.3 days prior to the event date, 1/2 of the event amount will be charged for postponements or cancellations, and no refunds will be given for postponements or cancellations made the day before/on the day of the event!

(If there is a natural disaster and a land warning is issued, and the government announces that classes will be suspended [in Nantou County or in the county or city where you are traveling from], the refund can be canceled or postponed.) See DIY Cancellation Criteria please refer to the shopping information.

3.Children under 6 years old are recommended to participate with their parents.

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