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Activity time: about 2.5 hours

Activity Procedure:

│Visit to the tea plantation→History of black tea→Black tea production process→Hand kneading black tea→Sealing of tea→Black tea tasting and snacks|

 ▋ Memories Are Passing, "The Sealing of the Tea" Preserves This Moment of Emotion

People's memories will gradually pass with time until certain scenes, things and flavors bring them out. Have you ever worried about how to preserve these precious memories? In fact, it is not difficult at all, only need a simple ceremony, you can seal your treasured memories, along with the "sealing tea matter" sealed into the tea urn, in a few years, time will make the tea sweet and mellow, with the tea memories welling up, the scene of that time is vivid in your mind, and the aroma of the aged tea tea with the dispersal of the taste that the past years rhyme and flavor.

▋ Memory gets forgotten, extend its expiration date by a minute.

Human memory is preserved for about 1 minute, and the accuracy rate of memory drops to about 10% after 18 seconds. Through the small card sealed together with the black tea, the handwritten blessings and expectations for the future can make the memory preserved for a longer period of time, and after many years, when you open the dusty tea urns together with your partners at that time, the words on the small card will evoke memories, and everything is so worthwhile to reminisce.

Through time, black tea grows.

The Sun Moon Lake black tea sealed in the ceramic pot, after time and heart refining, when the hot water brewed out of the tea soup full of memories, sipping a sip of aged tea, it is no longer the first drink to the astringency of the tea, black tea will grow with the memories, the mouth is filled with the rich and muddy aroma of the aged tea tea, it is not possible to express the throbbing of the words.

▋ "Tea Matters" is more than just black tea, it's also a time machine!

When you open the dusty aged tea urn, you will be plunged into a time tunnel of memories, which is like a slide show, as if you are back to the present moment. Sealing tea is not only a ceremony, but also a time machine, in which black tea is the spice of your life, while sealing tea is a time machine that can preserve your memories, and the pungent aroma of the tea will take you through time and space, brewing up a moment that will make your heart flutter.

▋ Seal Tea Theme

1. Mass moon: many parents will help children record his life, but also for him to leave a lot of things for him to remember when he grows up, and you can have a special choice, to help him seal an urn of tea until he comes of age, personally blessed for him, so that he personally unsealed many years later, in addition to teach him to be grateful to the person who blessed him at the beginning, but also the first urn of his life belongs to his own aged tea.

2. Anniversary: seal an urn of tea to each other, also sealed into the most sincere words to each other, together with the promise that in 10 years or a few years later, you can be as sweet as now to open the seal together, where there was the blessing of the time, but also to let those who have the heart of each other, along with the sealing of the tea together with the aging brewing, and with the time to become a thick flavor.

3. Romantic: the youthful words of love sealed into the urn, to get along with the sweet and sour into the sweet and sour, symbolizing the firmness of the couple, but also the test of lovers, the sealing of the tea as a promise, the promise can be achieved together in the future someday, is to step into the red carpet, or together with the first bucket of gold, or to complete each other's dreams once.

4. Blessing: Remember your dream? Many people do not dare to even think about it, by "sealing the tea matter", this time no longer for anyone, just for themselves to think about it, put your dream of what you want to say to yourself with the tea sealed into the urn, whether or not it can be achieved, he will be your strength, and with the tea together with the thick together to grow and always tell yourself that "you can!

Taste Tibetan Tea|Introduction of Tea Types

The tea leaves for the "Sealed Tea Event" are selected from the summer and fall seasons of the current year, which are the most popular seasons for Sun Moon Lake black tea. The hot and humid climate contributes to the excellent quality, taste, and flavor of Sun Moon Lake black tea, and the tea is certified and produced by the tea makers of the Wagashi Forest, and the tea varieties for the "Sealed Tea Event" can be selected from the Jade Black Tea (Formosa Tea No. 18) and the Red Rhythm Black Tea (Formosa Tea No. 21) varieties.Red Jade Black Tea / ●100g Tea Urn

Taiwan's native wild mountain tea is blended with Burmese large-leaf black tea to produce a bright red tea color with a natural cinnamon and lotus aroma, making it the brightest star of the 21st century.

●Red Rhythm Black Tea / 50g Tea Urn

Keemun black tea is blended with Kyang to produce a tea broth that is golden red and bright, with a sweet and refreshing flavor, and an extremely prominent aroma of the tea leaves, with a strong aroma of pomelo blossom and citrus blossom, making it a highly aromatic black tea variety.

▋A little trip to Tea Village

▋Tea Sealing in the Tea Village


1. Taiwan TTES#21 Rose Quartz (Hong Yun) Black Tea / 50g/Price: $2,800 / Set

50 g Tea urn 1pc / Tea Seal 1pc (Red Rhythm Black Tea) / Theme Seal 2pcs / Theme Blessing Card 1pc / Half-Day Tea Travel Experience 1pc

2.Taiwan TTES#18 Jade Black Tea / 100g / Price: $4,800 / Set

100 g Tea urn 1pc / Tea Seal 1pc (Red Jade Red Tea) / Theme Seal 2pcs / Theme Blessing Card 1pc / Half Day Tea Tour 1pax

▋Artisan Tea Staff|Tea Maker

Since 1949, HUGOSUM Black Tea Garfen tea makers have been committed to the artisanal craftsmanship of making good tea, insisting on the five steps of making good tea, from picking, withering, kneading, fermentation to drying, all by the eyes, hands, nose and heart of the tea makers, in order to deliver the spirit of making good tea to the tea cups in your hands.

▋Handcrafted Tea Urn|Pottery Artist

Tea urn co-branded with Taiwan's local "Yin Sheng Yuan Pottery Workshop" to create the tea urn, the potter selected the soil is delicate and easy to maintain the tea aroma of Japan's purple-red clay, through the potter's personal practice of clay, hand-pulled billet and billet trimming molding, through the 800 ℃ plain firing covered with white glaze, and finally oxidative firing at high temperatures of 1210 ℃, so that the ceramic wall is a natural roughness, the outside covered with white glaze, urn retained inside the original soil to make the urn has a good permeability, to create the tea urn that breathes, in addition to the more the more fragrant the more the old tea, the exterior of the simple and smooth lines, and more to make the pottery pots vintage and yet not lose the modern taste.


1.From April to November every year, please make a reservation 7 days in advance! (This year, you can make a reservation until around 12/15 ^_^)

2. 3 days prior to the event date, 1/2 of the event amount will be charged for postponements or cancellations, and no refunds will be given for postponements or cancellations on the day before/on the event date!

(If there is a natural disaster and a land warning is issued, and the government announces that classes will be suspended [in Nantou County or in the county or city where you are traveling from], the refund can be canceled or postponed.) See DIY Cancellation Criteria please refer to the shopping information.

3. It is recommended that children under 6 years old can participate with their parents.

4. Since the tour will go to the tea plantation to take pictures (not picking tea), we remind you to wear long pants (the style that won't expose your ankles) and prepare anti-mosquito measures.

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