The Master of Decoupage

Experiencing the fun of colorful collage from Italy and combining it with environmental awareness, we created our own unique Butterfly Valley Butterfly Patchwork Carrying Bag.
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Experience Fee:NT.250/person

Event Time:Approx. 1-1.5 hours

Activity Flow:

│Explanation of black tea history→Black tea production process→DIY by Butterfly Valley Color Art Master→Black Tea Tasting│

♦Sun Moon Lake Tea History

Listen to the story of the history of the centuries-old black tea and the stories of the tea factories that have been flavored for thousands of miles.

The Japanese people grew tea in the past, and their descendants have worked hard to pass it on.


♦Butterfly Valley Color Master DIY

Materials and tools include: a napkin, a tote bag, the first adhesive, the second adhesive and two brushes.

 Pick up the graph paper and tear out the blank space by hand along the edge of the pattern!

Then layer the graph paper~~~Please note!!!! This is three layers, take only the top layer.


After tearing, start thinking about where you want the pattern to go on the bag.

Once the composition is complete, apply a thin layer of the first adhesive to the surface of the bag, and then place the pattern on top.

 After fixing the pattern, apply the 1st adhesive to the surface. Be careful to apply the adhesive gently and push it outward in a radial pattern from the center of the pattern.

Make sure the pattern is covered with the first adhesive and then you can blow dry it with a hair dryer.

Blow dry immediately after the second waterproof adhesive, the amount does not need to be too much, a complete layer on the pattern can be.


Blow dry the 2nd waterproof adhesive, and your Decoupage Bag is complete!

 ♦Tasting Tea


After finishing the DIY, enjoy a cup of black tea with a special flavor and aroma!


1.Please make your reservation 7 days in advance!

2.3 days prior to the event date, 1/2 of the event amount will be charged for postponements or cancellations, and no refunds will be given for postponements or cancellations made the day before/on the day of the event!

(If there is a natural disaster and a land warning is issued, and the government announces that classes will be suspended [in Nantou County or in the county or city where you are traveling from], the refund can be canceled or postponed.) See DIY Cancellation Criteria please refer to the shopping information.

3.Children under 6 years old are recommended to participate with their parents.

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